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#1  REMEMBER. You are storing goods in an unheated garage.

#2  PLACE YOUR STORED ITEMS ON WOOD STRIPS, PALLETS, OR 2x4s. This will keep your valuables off the floor of the storage unit. Moisture sweats off these floors as part of the natural process that occurs in unheated buildings. Raising your items up. even just a few inches, will help reduce or even eliminate water damage.

#3  PUT YOUR STORED ITEMS IN PLASTIC TUBS OR CONTAINERS, NOT CARDBOARD BOXES! Even in the best circumstances, cardboard will absorb moisture, will collapse if stacked more than 2 or 3 high, and will offer no protection in the event of moisture incursion.

#4 DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR STORED GOODS!  If possible, check on your items at least once a month. Look for signs of moisture, rodents, etc.

#5 SPEAKING OF RODENTS. Again, you are in a garage. While we are continuing an aggressive rodent control program, some do slip past the numerous traps. We can provide rodent control chemicals to put in your individual units, if needed. And, to further prevent rodent damage to your or other units;

#6 NEVER STORE FOOD ITEMS !!! This includes boxed food, dried food, pet food, or anything edible. If you can eat it, a rodent or other form of wildlife will want it too.

#7 INSURE YOUR STORED ITEMS. We do not provide insurance for your items. If you are storing things you consider valuable, it is your responsibility to secure the proper insurance coverage. This is clearly stated in your lease. We will do the absolute best we can to provide a safe, secure environment, but accidents can and will happen.

Unless you have insurance, you will not be covered.

#8 FINALLY, AFTER EVERYTHING IS IN YOUR UNIT, cover the items with a sheet of light plastic. This will keep dust and dirt off your valuables.


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